In clinical studies, inversion has been shown as an effective way to naturally decompress the spine and temporarily relieve back pain... and you can do it in your own home! Teeter Hang Ups® allows you to take your back health into your own hands with an Inversion Table that is tested, durable, and easy-to-use.

As the longest continuous supplier of inversion tables (since 1981), Teeter Hang Ups® has spent years perfecting home-use inversion equipment making it the most highly engineered and secure in the market today. Discover why over 1 million people worldwide have put their trust in
Teeter Hang Ups®.

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Market Leader. Teeter Hang Ups® tables have more comfort, quality, and security features than any other inversion table on the market; from heavy duty triple chrome plated parts to 360-welds and stability locks on the pivot features—there is no other inversion table that can compare.

Outperformed the Competition. During an independent engineering audit of the 7 most widely distributed inversion tables, Teeter Hang Ups® outperformed competitors in structural integrity, durability, function and ease of assembly.

Static Load Test
Graph showing static load test results for 7 most widely distributed inversion tables
When compared to 6 of the most widely distributed inversion tables, Teeter Hang Ups® survived loads of 1400lbs. Rival tables failed revealing weaknesses in key structural components. The standard safety factor for madical equipment is four times the maximum rated user weight. Teeter Hang Ups® surpassed this by 20%!
Cycle Test
Graph showing number of cycles to failure for 7 most widely distributed inversion tables
The 7 tables were cycled under load to failure. One table failed after just 288 cycles, about 5 months* of use. Teeter Hang Ups® was the only table to continue cycling without failure, surpassing the next table by 38,851 cycles, equal to over 50 years* of use.

*Calculated based on 730 cycles per year by a 2 person household.
Customer Testimonials.

Results may not be typical and vary by user.
Please check with your physician prior to inverting.
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  • When you get older, people tell you to take it easy, but the opposite is true. You've gotta be active! The #1 thing for older people is to stretch, stretch, stretch...

    • The [Teeter Hang Ups® Inversion Table] has been a blessing to me. I'm afraid I'm preaching the gospel of inversion all the time for anyone who's got back problems or even health problems.

      —Bert Morrow, Age 92

      Note of interest: In his 50s, Bert suffered from four ruptured discs in his back. He credits inversion for his flexibility and strength (he's performed 40 inverted sit-ups every day for the last 30 years). Bert began running hurdles competitively at the age of 69.
  • My Inversion Table has been my life saver—what a fabulous product! I cannot say enough about it...

    • I tell all my friends and co-workers that using the Inversion Table daily is why I am still able to work. I am a 43-year-old nurse, and two years ago I herniated a disc and had two bulging discs. I bought my Inversion Table after that injury and I have to say that it has been "THE BEST" [dollars] that I have ever spent. I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you... I have been working full time again and have not had any sick time related to back injuries, which I know is due to inverting every day.

      A loyal Canadian fan forever!!!

      —J. Antuma, Wallaceburg, Ontario
  • When I compared [inversion tables], there was absolutely no doubt in my mind as to which I was going to buy: the Hang Ups®...

    • The other brands were not only of lesser quality, but at 6'1" and 210 lbs, I did not feel comfortable with the durability or sturdiness [of competitor tables]. The Teeter Hang Ups® is a very solid and well-constructed piece of equipment that is easy to use. It also withstands the abuse my 25-year-old athletic son gives it when doing exercises.

      —C. Peterson, Ashburn, VA
  • My husband had begun contemplating back surgery to relieve his pain, and I got concerned...

    • He has a very physical job as a tree and stump removal expert. The last few years he has been experiencing increasingly agonising pain and was taking pain meds multiple times daily to get some temporary relief. Even as such, he needed to recline several times a day to relieve the pressure on his spine. The doctors gave him no hope of eliminating the pain, even with the surgery, although they did say the numbness would be gone.

      In January, I bought the Inversion Table. I did quite a lot of research, and decided on the Teeter. My husband has been able to reduce taking his meds to only once a day, two or three times a week, and has reduced the number of times he must lie flat each day with only a five-minute inversion in the morning before work and another five minutes later in the day. He is no longer contemplating back surgery right now and may be able to put it off indefinitely if he continues to improve with inversion.

      Thank you, Teeter Hang Ups®. You've given us hope.

      —Darlene Liberto, Clarence Center, NY
  • I coughed one morning while bending over and tying my boot, and discovered the "straw that broke the camel's back," was the same one that broke mine. The prognosis was not good. I was told that I had a 50-50 chance of ever walking again after surgery, which would be required to stop the muscle spasms...

    • One day, I was hobbling through a home show (on crutches) to get a little bit of exercise. A gentleman had two of your Inversion Tables on display at the show, and asked if I'd be willing to give him a little bit of my time. As I remember, my response went something like, "I'm desperate enough to try anything, if you promise to shoot me when we are finished and if this doesn't help." He worked with me for 30 - 45 minutes. By then, we had a group of curious onlookers watching him gently and slowly rock me back and forth. After he carefully lowered me and got me back on my feet, I discovered I could walk without assistance, and for the first time in what seemed like forever, I was nearly pain free.

      For the past 15 years, my Inversion Table has been my most prized possession, second only to my wife and puppy. I have used it every evening, after a hot shower, just before I climb into bed. The muscles and ligaments are now of equal length down both sides of my spine, my discs no longer impinge on my sciatic nerve, and I walk without a limp. Four years ago I let a chiropractor x-ray my back, after hearing my story, and he was amazed. His comment was that he would expect to see disc length like mine on a 20 - 25 year old. I am now 67.

      No surgery, therapy, or drugs could have done for me what your table has done. I will be forever more grateful than I could express to the gentleman who gave up his time and cared enough to help me that day. Thank you!

      —Scott Wurster, Coquille, OR
  • I recently purchased an Inversion Table from you and I am writing this letter to express my complete satisfaction with the product and gratitude to you for providing an instrument that has changed my life...

    • For the past twelve months, I have been suffering from spondylolithesis in part as a result of an automobile accident. It has left me in constant pain, searching for relief and finding none. After much testing, several steroidal injections (a very painful procedure), and generally dismal predictions, I was told that the only relief for my condition was an extremely invasive surgical procedure that involves a two-step process placing bone sections along my spine—one from the front and one from the rear—connected with screws and instrumentation to allow fusion to occur. The projected success rate was about 80-percent, with a recovery period of one year and assurance that if effective additional strain would be placed on the upper section of my spine.

      In discussing this with an acquaintance, I found that he suffered from a similar condition and had been faced with a similar prognosis. He explained to me that as an alternative to surgery, he had been informed of inversion therapy. He tried it and it worked. Skeptical of its results but searching for help, I asked to try his Inversion Table and he obliged. The results for me were incredible. I immediately found relief that I did not experience through conventional medical treatment. I have since abandoned the idea of surgery and, after consultation with my primary doctor, purchased my own Inversion Table.

      My quality of life has changed and I have returned to full time work. I have accepted inversion therapy as a part of my daily physical routine and feel that continued use of this product can return me to a regular way of life. In fact, it already has. I am sure that I am one of many back pain sufferers that benefit from inversion therapy, but I am also sure that there are many back pain sufferers who are not aware of the relief they can receive from inversion therapy. Thank you so much for providing a product that has allowed me to live a full and active life.

      —John Carney, Port Ludlow, WA
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